Hoher Besuch am Kepi

On Tuesday July 2 the English class of Miss Ulmer got visited by the Consul General of the US Consul in Frankfurt

On Tuesday July 2 the English class of Miss Ulmer got visited by the Consul General of the US Consul in Frankfurt, which is the biggest US Consul worldwide.

Patricia Lacina serves as the Consul General of the US Consulate in Frankfurt. The Consulate is responsible for Americans living in Germany, for example by helping them in formal questions like marriage. Moreover Patricia Lacina is also responsible for something Americans like to call ‘outreach’, meaning that she talks to Germans about America and tries to deepen the relationship between Germany and the US. She told us that she especially likes talking to students in schools, because she once was a teacher herself.
After Patricia Lacina explained what she does as Consul General, the class got to ask some questions. One big topic was of course the policy of Donald Trump, with which he is primarily focusing on America. To do so, he is introducing taxes on foreign products to make American companies stronger. In addition to that he is demanding various things from the German government, for instance that they should pay more money for their military and that they should trade normally with the US whilst fighting with them against China's „economic aggression“. Patricia herself states that she swore an oath to the government so that she is committed to serve the government and that she is also responsible for the implementation of the government's demands.
In her years of serving the government, Patricia Lacina also worked in a lot of other countries, for example Cairo, Brussels, Moscow and Bogota. Since she has a family, she told us that is wasn't always easy to move around all over the world and that is was hard sometimes, especially for her daughter. But she also talked to us about the benefits of travelling that much, for example that she gets to know many cultures, people and environments and that she is able to talk to people about the US and make them question their stereotypes and prejudices wherever it's possible. Most importantly, it makes her proud to serve her country.
At the end Patricia Lacina emphasized that the relationships between Germany and the US are outstanding. According to her there is no other country with that many institutions to support the relationships between the US (e.g. the d.a.i. in Tübingen). However these institutions are missing young people and Patricia Lacina gave us the advice to not let those institutions and associations degenerate.
It was very interesting to have the possibility of asking the US Consul General Patricia Lacina some questions and to hear what her thoughts on certain issues are.

Franz Hörnig, Klasse 11